Live WebCast- Events, Reunions, Weddings, Funerals

Live WebCast of a family event e.g. birthday party, reunion, wedding or celebrating the life of a loved one at a funeral service is available from almost anywhere. Friends and family living overseas or not being able to attend, can still be part of the event by watching a Live WebCast on the Internet.

How does it work?

WanakaVideo is using an array of three to five video cameras to capture the event. For speeches and commentary microphones for good close up sound are set up. All those audio and video sources are fed into a Live Mixing Console, edited, encoded and the signal is then transmitted via bonded mobile data networks to a Live Streaming Server in Sydney/Australia or Los Angeles/USA from where the Live WebCast is made available to the Internet and can be viewed from locations all over the world in real time.

During the Live WebCast copies of the video stream are stored on a local computer and on the Live Streaming Server for backup. This video stream will be available for viewing on demand about 24-48 hours after the Live WebCast ceased. Video on Demand service runs for another three month after the event.

How do you get Live WebCast for an event?

Please contact us with details of your Event ( click here). After you received the confirmation of your booking, you receive an email for the Live WebCast of your event to share with your family or friends. This email contains the date, time and name of the event and a private link for the Live WebCast and for Video on Demand (available from about 24-48 hrs after the event, for people who cannot watch the live stream). The Live WebCast or Video on Demand can only be accessed by those links to make sure, only people YOU invite can be part of your "celebration" or event.

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