HomeMovie or Tape Transfer to Digital File

New Life for your old Home Movies, Slides and Photos
or your old Family VHS Videos

We turn your slides or photographs into a "feature film"

Photos, slides, old tickets, brochures, postcards or other things can make a terrific video.

We add sound effects, music and nice transitions to your images,and we can record a voice over for your "movie" and make your slide show life-like!!

Home Movie or Family VHS Video transfer to Digital File

Regular 8, Super 8 home movies can be scanned and transfered to MP4 video on USB Thumb drive or DVD/ Bluray Disk.

We can edit the movies,make titles, add music and sound effects, record a voice over to tell the whole story and preserve family history for future generations.


Transfer of a Video Tape to Digital File

from any VHS, SVHS, VHS-C, HI 8 or Video 8, Digital 8 or Mini DV tape. It includes after digitizing of the tape a basic editing of obviuosly unwanted scenes (camera kept running, or extremely shaky recordings), basic Film-Title creation, Menus and DVD chapters and Chapter-menus. Encoding to DVD, a DVD Standard Cover and DVD Label, or just as MP4 video to USB thumb drive

Don't let your old Home Movies and Slides or Photographs fade away in the attic or garage. Return them to life,we make them into a digital "feature film"!